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Modern Technology, with a purpose…

In addition to owning a portfolio of various proprietary intellectual property, Calyx’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Cannigistics, has created a software platform designed to directly connect businesses to their industry partners and customers. The technology platform is designed to enhance the communications and effectiveness of many businesses operations. With the backing of Calyx, Cannigistics is well positioned to become a leader in growing sector of team collaboration software.

Corporate Assets


Calyx’s Industry Leading Application Software Development Company.

Canada Blockchain Holdings

Calyx’s Premiere Blockchain Infrastructure Company

The Marijuana Industry’s 1st and only “Modern Messaging Platform”.

Management + Board of Directors

Roger Forde

President & CEO
Mr. Forde has worked in the computer and telecom industry for more than 30 years. Over that time, he has worked on ground-up technology projects for significant enterprises, being responsible for overall design, project scoping, execution, implementation, and post-deployment review and improvement processes.

Graeme Watson

Mr. Watson was most recently the President and CEO of Infosat Communications, Canada’s leader in satellite communications solutions. Under his leadership, Infosat’s technical capabilities were significantly enhanced, and the company continued achieving impressive growth. During his tenure, he was instrumental in establishing key commercial relationships with industry giants such as AT&T and Cisco, and in pioneering the implementation of new technologies that are relied upon in mission-critical environments by some of Canada’s most significant enterprises.

Gavin McMillan

Director & CFO
Mr. McMillan has over twenty years of business experience, including in the roles of President & CEO and as a director of publicly listed companies. In addition to his experience in executive positions for reporting issuers, he has been directly responsible for managing and growing multi-million dollar lines of business, overseeing measurement, reporting, and financing. Mr. McMillan also has a background in computer science and has helped forge relationships with some of the world’s largest technology companies.

Dr. Adrian Bak

Dr. Bak has been a physician for more than twenty years, over which time he has been on the leading edge of developments in treatment and healthcare. He has co-authored multiple peer-reviewed papers published in several medical journals. Dr. Bak has extensive experience in pioneering improved patient education and care through implementing new technologies, and has been features in Apple Inc.’s “Apple in Business Profiles”. He has first-hand experience in technology deployment producing outcomes which result in better care to a greater number of patients.

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Roger Forde

President & CEO
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Gavin McMillan

Investor Relations
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